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Census ACS 2011 Income Data

Posted Thursday, September 20 2012

The Census release the 1-year ACS estimates today on a huge variety of topics. I've been collecting and organizing some of their income data here and have now imported the 2011 income data as well. For the US, 50 states and some 370 or so metropolitan areas, I've taken the Census' nominal household, family and per-capita income data and adjusted it for inflation. Browse through all the data here.

At the broadest geographical level, the US showed a real median household income decline of just over 2% to $50,502 in 2011. Since 2007 real median household income has declined by just over 8% in the US.

A quick look at the state results tell me that 9 states (plus the District of Columbia) showed real gains in median household income in 2011 while the rest posted real declines. Vermont, North Dakota, Delaware, South Dakota and Wyoming led the pack as far as year over year growth went. At the other end of the spectrum, Nevada posted the largest real decline in median household income followed by Hawaii, Louisiana, Georgia and California. Check out the rest of the 2011 ACS Income data.