Department of Numbers

Metro Area Unemployment Rates

Posted Wednesday, August 12 2009

I've just added unemployment rate history for 377 cities and metropolitan areas. I've still got to work on a better way of navigating to this new data, but for now you can get to the city level data via the state unemployment pages. For instance, you'll notice that the Colorado unemployment rate page has a table of metro areas unemployment rates near the bottom where you can follow the links to the Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, etc unemployment rate histories.

One of the particulars with the state and metro level unemployment data is that they are updated after the national unemployment rate data is released. So for a period of time the national unemployment rate data appears to be more up to date than the local metro and city level data. That's because it is! For example, right now we have national unemployment rate data for July but state and metro level unemployment numbers are only through June. I'm still thinking about the best way to note this so as not to cause confusion.