Department of Numbers

Metro Level Data Updated for July

Posted Wednesday, September 02 2009

The BLS reported the July 2009 unemployment rate data for metropolitan areas yesterday. There is now an unemployment by city/metro table in place that shows the current month snapshot. I'll add table sorting shortly. There is also the equivalent page for state level unemployment. For a few short days all unemployment data is up to date through July 2009. On Friday the BLS releases the national data for August and the update cycle begins again.

A quick look at some of the local unemployment rates show California and Michigan each taking 4 spots in the 10 worst metros. El Centro, CA had the worst unemployment in the nation in July with a 30.2% rate. Detroit, MI was the worst big city with a 17.7% unemployment rate. Bismarck, ND had the lowest unemployment rate in July. In fact, all of the top 5 cities were in either North Dakota or South Dakota.